Expository Writing (Group Assignment)

“Did you hear that she was held back a year?” Have you ever heard people talking about others behind their backs? That’s called gossiping and it can really hurt someone.
When you gossip, the secrets can spread to anyone, turn into rumors and they can change the story to sound even worse than the real thing. For example, if someone said that ‘George broke his arm.’ , it could end up being ‘George fought off a pack of angry trolls and survived with only a broken nail.’. Now that I would pay to see.
Gossiping can just hurt sometimes. For instance, say you told your best friend a secret you don’t want anyone else to know and then she tells everyone. That would definitely cause some seriousness heartache because she was someone close to you.
Treat others like you would like to be treated, and don’t talk about others behind their backs. Gossiping just hurts so therefore, just don’t do it.

One thought on “Expository Writing (Group Assignment)

  1. I think that everything you said in this was so true. It really does hurt when you talk about people behind their backs. I really liked all of your examples also. They help the reader understand what your trying to say more clearly.

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