Austin is the Place to be

I was born in Dallas but four years ago I moved to Austin, Texas and fell in love with this area. I love austin because of how unique and creative it is. Austin is big on music too; Austin has both ACL (Austin City Limits) and South by Southwest. We also have very famous places where people go to take pictures and such.

This first spot is one I went to quite recently : Austin’s Graffiti Park. This is a place where local graffiti artists come to paint the walls. Every time you go there it looks very different because of how many people participate in this.

Another place is Home Slice, a famous pizza place in New York also found its way to Austin.

The ‘I love you so much’ wall on the side of Jo’s Coffee has become a very popular picture taking place in Austin. People actually wait in a line to take their picture at the wall.

Austin City Limits:


Graffiti Park:


Home slice:


The ‘I love you so much’ wall:


2 thoughts on “Austin is the Place to be

  1. I’ve never been to Graffiti Park in person, but I’ve seen a slide show of the art, and it’s amazing! I wonder if just anyone can paint on the walls there?

    The picture taken at ACL is great. I’ve been to one ACL concert on Auditorium Shores: Blue October. It was part of the free concert series.

    Did you take these photos, Chloe? If so , you can let us know with a sentence in your composition; otherwise, Mrs. Schoch or I can remind you how to give an attribution for each.

  2. I literally love every single one of your favorite spots in Austin. Even though I haven’t been to a ton of them they look wonderful. I love how you posted more than just one of your favorite spots.

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