Favorite Movie

When I was little I just couldn’t go on without watching my favorite movie, Monsters Inc. every week. My favorite character was “Kitty” or James Sullivan, the big, blue and purple friendly monster. There is another funny little character named Mike Wazowski, he is a short, round, green monster with one giant eye. The final main character is called “Boo”, she is a little girl who wanders into the monster world and comes across “Kitty” and Mike who try to get her back home. I loved that movie when I was little because “Boo” was about my age and the movie just made me laugh. Without this movie, there wouldn’t have been a sequel!

One thought on “Favorite Movie

  1. Boo is an adorable character–she makes the movie for me! My daughters convinced me to watch Monsters, Inc., and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

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