Expository Writing #2

“Did you know she was held back a grade?” Gossiping may be fun, but it can be harmful.
Something as simple as talking to a friend about someone else could end up around the whole school. For instance, in the movie Mean Girls, they made a ‘Burn Book’, a book filled with hurtful gossip about everyone in the school. One day someone got the book and made copies of all the pages and filled the school with them. The girls who made the book were then hated by everyone. This shows how fast something can spread.
Also gossiping can turn into bad rumors. For example, I heard someone I thought was my friend spreading a false rumor about me. I felt like I had no true friends, I just wanted to fall in a hole and die. Just because you think someone can’t hear it, doesn’t mean you should say it, especially when you don’t know if it’s true.
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. If you don’t something being said about you, don’t say it about someone else. Therefore just don’t gossip, it can turn into a big rumor, and/or hurt someone.

Explode A Moment: 5 Seconds

The crowd was a blur. Their cheers were droning on in the distance. My heart was beating in time with many feet. My legs were numb but I had to continue. Ten yards……eight yards……six yards…… I’m out of breath. Three yards……one more yard…… The crowd roared with excitement back in my ears. And suddenly the finish line was at my feet.

Family Tradition: Find the Pickle!

My family has this one peculiar family tradition that we do on every Christmas. It’s called ‘Find the Pickle’. A couple years ago we received a foam pickle wearing a Santa hat and started playing with it and making up games until we made up this one. In this game, one of the adults hides the pickle in our Christmas tree while the kids are in another room. The pickle blends into the tree so it’s hard to find. When the adult says so, the kids come out and scavenge around the tree, looking for the pickle. The first kid who finds it, gets to unwrap the first present on Christmas morning.
I can’t wait!

The Little Mermaid

By Vivi P. and Chloe M.

Under the sea
In the kingdom of Atlantica
Among the fish lived the mermaid Ariel
Below the crashing waves she spotted a boat.
Aboard the boat was the handsome prince

From far away she dreamed of having legs
Until the storm came through
Down the boat went
In the waves the prince struggled to stay afloat
Beside him Ariel took him to shore

But Ariel could not be with him
With her mermaid tail
The little mermaid