Family Tradition: Find the Pickle!

My family has this one peculiar family tradition that we do on every Christmas. It’s called ‘Find the Pickle’. A couple years ago we received a foam pickle wearing a Santa hat and started playing with it and making up games until we made up this one. In this game, one of the adults hides the pickle in our Christmas tree while the kids are in another room. The pickle blends into the tree so it’s hard to find. When the adult says so, the kids come out and scavenge around the tree, looking for the pickle. The first kid who finds it, gets to unwrap the first present on Christmas morning.
I can’t wait!

I am From…

I am from the trampoline and pool in my backyard,

from bright colored canvases and flocks of flowers.

I am from the spacious living room,

and the smell of fresh baked goodies.

I am from the dandelions that I wish upon in the spring.

From the big oak tree whose long limbs cascade through the sky,

protecting our home.

I’m from ‘Find the Pickle’ and beach vacations.

From my parents and brothers.

I’m from fancy birthday dinners and The Nutcracker,

and from Paper Bear presents.

I’m from “Don’t do that!” And “Sorry!”.

I’m from the heart of Texas and European roots,

from Shepard’s Pie and mugs of savory soup.

From an array of memories,

hanging on my wall.

I am from a loving family that will be there forever.