My friends mean a lot to me because they will alway take me through tough times by even making me smile or simply giving me a hug. My friends are always there for me so it is fun to do something cool whenever we are together.
My friends and I have a lot of ‘traditions’ that we do whenever we see each other.
With my friend Melynn, we get a bunch of ice cube molds and put soda in them. We take them out of the freezer as soon as they get to slushie perfection!
With my friend Olivia, we always get marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate to make s’mores. While we are in the tough process of making the perfect golden brown marshmallows, we watch funny TV shows on Netflix.
With my friend Kennedy, we make brownies from the mix but I can assure you they’re DELICIOUS! While we are waiting for the brownies to bake we watch movies.